quarta-feira, março 21, 2012

Copiando o Domingos...

E já agora, podemos acrescentar "Março de 2012"

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Beijinhos a todos

terça-feira, outubro 13, 2009

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Ele diz que é pró Natal... Pois, pois..

Survivre avec les loups

Abecasis Mafia,
November 13th Survivre avec les loups (Sobreviver com os Lobos in portuguese) will première in portuguese cinemas. Yaël Abecassis (or Abekasis according to wikipedia), a 41 years old, Israeli born in Morroccos plays a role in it. We don't know her but as we share her surname I think it's our duty to give her movie a good prèmiere. Not that we have that power anymore, being scattered all over the world, but anyways I wanted to call you all to watch that movie, if not in the opening day then in the opening week, wherever you are.
You know what happens if you don't follow Mafia rules,

PS.: I explicited her age so that you don't think she's the little girl, main character.